Get Rid of Termites—Learn How We Do It

Get rid of termites.Getting rid of termites couldn’t be simpler with EnviroCon’s licensed technicians at hand. EnviroCon Termite & Pest specializes in termite eradication using a variety of methods based on the type of termite involved. Our methods are guaranteed to give you complete freedom from your termite problems. Call today, and a consultation and thorough termite inspection will be given to your property free of charge.

Our exterminators start with the source for effective termite removal. Our wood treatments grant protection from termites, carpenter ants, wood beetles, mold, and wood destroying fungi, and are a great solution for all wood constructed structures. Our soil treatments forge a chemical barrier between the termites and the structure. Occasionally this also requires drilling holes to make a continuous barrier and digging around the rest of the building. Lastly, our no-tenting treatments are the best for drywood termites in specific, and provide protection for the life of the structure, unlike tenting treatments in which termites can move back in as soon as the tent is removed.

Termites, devouring wood from the inside-out, can do large-scale structural damage to your home in just a few months. Do not wait until termite infestation has done permanent harm to your property. Get rid of termites safely and in the most environmentally conscious way with EnviroCon.

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